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1996 Alarm for Cobra 11 Ep-starring role RTL series
1997 Friends and other monsters Lead Mika Kallwass Movie
1997 Hello Uncle Doc EP lead SAT1, Series
1997 Gynecologist Dr. M. Merthin EP lead ZDF series
1997 - 1998 Beloved Sisters Main Cast various SAT 1, Series
1998 - 1999 City Express Main Cast various ARD Series
1999 The Coast Guard Ep-starring role Dirk usually ZDF television movie
1998 - 2000 Jacobs Café magic Advertising
1999 - 2001 The beasts Lead Christa Mühl etc. ZDF series
2000 Boy Meets Girl Wolfgang Eissler Short film
2000 The Commissioner Ep-starring role Rolf Liccini ARD series
2000 Wolff's Turf Arend Agthe SAT1
2000 SK Kölsch Matthias Tiefenbacher SAT1
2001 Heartbeat Norbert Skrovanek ZDF
2001 A Case for Two Ep-starring role Dieter Laske ZDF series
2001 Berlin, Berlin Ep-starring role Franziska Meyer Price ARD Series
2001 Morgan Nanny Karius Short film
2001 The Guard Ep-starring role Monika Zinnenberg RTL series
2002 Do you love me? Lead Renate Gosiewski Short film
2002 The game Lead Karsten Weissenfels Movie
2002 Morning N.Karius Movie
2002 Boy Meets Girl Wolfgang Eissler Movie
2002 Camcorder Lead Matthias Semmler HFF
2002 Two scandals and a wedding Lead Michael Keusch ZDF television movie
2002 Who kiss the bride Lars Montag Pro 7 TV movie
2002 Berlin, Berlin Ep-starring role Sven Unterwaldt ARD Series
2002 A Case for Two - The lowest of Ep-starring role Michael Werlin ZDF series
2002 For all cases Stefanie Ep-starring role Michael Knof SAT1, Series
2003 Moving Men Michael Zens SAT1, Series
2003 Compass of love Lead Stephen Bernard ARD television movie
2004 Hi Robbie Ep-starring role Monika Zinnenberg ZDF series
2004 Alarm for Cobra 11 Ep-starring role Raoul W. Heimrich RTL series
2004 Samson and Isae R. Gosiewskie Short film
2004 Night fairy tale Lead Oliver Sauer Short film
2004 Under white sails main Cast Walter Bannert ARD series
2004 Prince and Paparazzi Lead Jürgen Bretzinger ZDF television movie
2004 Berlin, Berlin Ep-starring role Edzard Onneken ARD Series
2004 Under white sails main Cast Erwin Keusch ARD series
2004 T-Mobile Advertising
2004 The Autobahnraser Michael Keusch Movie
2005 Emilia Galotti Lead Henrik Pfeiffer Movie
2005 Land of desire Lead Dieter Kehler
2005 White ants Lead Renate Gosiewski Movie
2005 Love is waiting in Trevennah Lead Dieter Kehler ZDF
2005 The Crows Edzard Onneken SAT1, TV Movie
2006 Emma Svensson and Love Lead Karola Meeder ZDF Television Movie
2006 The Liebesflüsterin Lead Jacob Schäuffelen Pro 7 TV Movie
2006 I was good Lead Christoph Schrewe Pro 7 TV Movie
2007 The stone Main Cast Caroline Hattop etc. ARD series
2007 Horror Lead Karen Michael Pro 7 TV Movie
2009 Brains Main Cast Roland Suso Richter RTL, pilot
2009 Anteroom to hell Main Cast John Delbridge ZDF television movie
2009 Dream Hotel Sri Lanka Lead Otto W. Retzer ARD / Degeto, Movie
2009 Incalculable risk Lead Philip Polcar Short film
2009 - 2010 She's All That Main Cast Henning Borgelt etc. SAT1
2010 Super Troopers Main Cast Gernot Roll CINEMA
2010 - 2011 Lena - love of my life including David Carreras ZDF
2010 - 2011 Anteroom to hell - Top Secret Michael Keusch ZDF
2010 - 2011 Soko Stuttgart Rainer Matsutani ZDF
2010 - 2011 WERNER - Eiskalt   Main Cast Gernot Roll CINEMA
2010 - 2011 The secret of the white dove Dieter Kehler ZDF